About the Author

Judith Hill is a life time astrologer, herbalist, and award winning author of thirteen books including the classics: Medical Astrology, A Guide to Planetary Pathology; The Astrological Body Types; Medical Astrology in Action; and Medical Astrology for Health Practitioners; The Lunar Nodes; and Vocational Astrology. She founded The Academy for Astrological Medicine, and many original courses, including Medical Astrology 101; and created ‘The Renaissance Conferences’. 

Hill served as the Educational Director for the San Francisco NCGR. As a “road tested” astrologer, she successfully matched five charts to five biographies in a 1989 NCGR sponsored skeptic’s challenge. She is also an internationally recognized pioneer of astroseismic and astrogenetics research, and served as a private assistant to physicist Arthur Young at The Institute for the Study of Consciousness. Hill is a Chartered Herbalist with The Dominion Herbal College and faculty with Kepler College and The Matthew Wood Institute of Herbalism. JudithHillAstrology.com
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